PULCINO is a Polish brand producing unique and extremely elegant clothes for premature babies, infants and young children. Created entirely to meet the needs of the youngest, whose comfort and convenience have become a priority in the process of creating our products.

Our goal is to create high-quality, universal clothing for children. Our clothes are refined in every detail, and the inspiration for creating subsequent collections are the needs that parents of babies report to us.

Our sewing room is located in Poland  and applies the principle of sustainable production, without negative impact on the environment. Pulcino products are made exclusively from knitted fabrics and fabrics of Polish origin and have all the necessary approvals, guaranteeing quality and safety.

All our clothes and bedding sets are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which confirms that our clothing does not contain harmful substances, which is especially important in the case of children's clothes. In addition, we have collections of knitted fabrics with GOTS certificate, made of organically grown cotton. Products with this certificate are not only the highest safety standard for the youngest but also a conscious choice and full control of production starting from the cultivation, processing and finishing of knitwear.



Waiting for a new family member to be born is a special moment, and we're trying to sort out the new reality and meticulously plan every element of it to welcome the little man into the world. But what if this fact happens much faster than we can imagine?

It is impossible to prepare for it, I know for sure, although it has happened twice in my life.

As if it wasn't a challenge enough to imagine what your newborn girl or boy will need, parents of premature babies are thrown into very deep water when they welcome their baby earlier than they expected.

With so much advice, from friends, family members and complete strangers: how not to buy too many small clothes, because the baby will "grow out of them", many new moms and dads of premature babies are not prepared for the fact that they will welcome their baby at 24, 31 or 34 weeks of pregnancy. It's possible that they never  had premature clothes in their hands before the little hastily baby was born—and they don't even know where to find them.


I first encountered this issue after the birth of our long-awaited son, it happened in the middle of winter, and I could not believe that it was already. I completed the layette for size 56/62, as it turned out twice too large clothes in relation to the tiny body of Szymek. In everything he died, the only fitted clothes in which he functioned as such were hospital copies for premature babies, which we received in the neonatal ward. At the exit from the hospital, Szymek weighed a little over 2 kg, and the winter suit I bought in the autumn for size 56/62 would accommodate two tenants the size of my son.

The search for a wardrobe that will not fall and will fit better began. Currently, in chain stores of well-known clothing brands, you can buy clothes from size 44, but these often turn out to be too large. So I decided to search the Internet, but the quality of clothes and hats I found was not what I expected. If a newborn baby needs to be surrounded only by safe and ecological things, then the premature baby must have them all the more. I was disappointed with what the modern children's market offers in this regard.


I was lucky enough to have previously acquired the skills of using a sewing machine, which made things much easier. I created all the necessary layette myself, which strengthened my love for design and sewing. And this was only the beginning of this adventure. Sewing for my own children has become for me a break from everyday life and a form of relaxation. Slowly, the thought arose in my head to move with it on a larger scale. Thanks to the help and commitment of several professionals , we managed to implement this plan and create our brand.